ROME! The eternal city....

According to tradition, Rome was funded on April 21st, 753 BC, some two thousands, seven hundred, sixty five years ago. While the actual date is uncertain, most scholars agree that the original settlements go back to the middle of the 8th century BC. Think about it ...2,765 years ....that is a long time ago for any city to exist, change, adapt, survive and thrive to be still considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The capital of Italy, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rome's history spans over three millennia.
One of the founding cities of the Western Civilization, two thousand years ago Rome was the center of the first and most enduring empire the western world has ever seen. During and since, the city has survived disasters, civil wars, invasions, the darkness of the middle ages, and two world wars. It is amazing the city still stands proud in all its history, culture and contradictions.

As you walk through the historic center of Rome you will see streets, statues, buildings, monuments, churches, built at different times with different perspectives and values over the last three millennia, layers upon layers of history, and culture juxtaposed to modern building, fashion stores, twenty-first century shopping outlets and small family-run shops, passed down from generation t
o generation. Rome indeed is an old city, but it is also a very modern vibrant metropolis. When you arrive, you will exposed to a feast of sounds, images, smell that will overwhelm all your senses .... .

A few tips to enjoy Rome:
  • If you are a first timer in Rome and and if come from oversea, you will be fighting jet-lag. The hustle and bustle of this ancient and modern metropolis, the noise, the traffic, the monuments that you will see everywhere as you are heading to your accommodation, will excite and overwhelm you. And, you may not like it. The first 1-2 days will feel like a blur. So, pace yourself, take it easy, sit down at few caffe' or trattorias, and do not try to visit and see too many attractions, but pick the ones that match your interests.

  • Walk, walk, walk. If your accommodation is within an area that encompasses, roughly, the Vatican, the Colosseum, the Central train station (Termini) and Piazza del Popolo, you can walk to most major attraction of ancient and modern Rome, from the Forum, to Piazza Navona, to the Spanish steps, to Trevi fountain, to the Pantheon, etc.

  • As you walk to the various attractions, take detours through the maze of side street. Behind almost every corner you will find something worth admiring, a sculpture here, a column there, a little visited church keeper of great renaissance paintings.