Travel guides

There is lots and lots of information on the Internet about Italy. Travel journals, blogs and forums are a continuous source of tips and advices. Despite all of that, Travel guides continue to be printed and are still very popular. They can easily be found at your local book store, at a library or bought online.

The reason why books are still very popular is that they provide a compendium of information about travel to Italy that it would take hours and hours for you to accumulate online.

There are many different Travel Guides. Some have many editions, either focusing on Italy in general or to specific regions and/or cities. The challenge is to find one or two worth taking along. We have looked at many travel guides and tried to find an "ideal" one. We found that, by and large, all Travel Guides provide complementary, sometimes similar, information. However, they are all structured in different ways and focus on different aspects of traveling. So, it boils down to a personal preference.

We would recommend that, initially, you look for travel guides at your library. Since at this stage you are only trying to decide which one would be the most useful to you, it won't matter if the travel guides are a few years old. You are looking at how the large amount of information is organized, how easy it is to find, and how comfortable you are with that. While going through this process you are also gaining some knowledge about traveling to Italy, about its cities, monuments, ancient ruins and many other attractions. If then there is one that you particularly like to take along, then consider buying it.

We found the Lonely Planet guides and the National Geographic Traveller series to be the most valuable and easy to use. But you may find others to be more preferable. Check them out in our