Navigating through the Internet for travel sources on Italy

Planning your own trip to Italy is part of the fun.

But..... there is so much information about Italy that one could spend a life time in front of a computer screen and get completely lost. If you are planning a trip to Italy, the experience can be overwhelming and very frustrating. in August 2017, a Google search of “
Italy” yielded 597,000,000 hits. In a narrower search of “travel to Italy” the hits were lower... just 236,000,000..... A more specific search such as “Accommodation in Florence” provided 105,000,000 hits. Have you considered staying in a Bed and Breakfast in Rome? A search on Google could come up with 949,000 hits! In any search, you may just check the first few, but these could be commercial sites where a Web designer succeeded in bringing their website to the top of the list. The sites may be useful and indeed worth of patronizing. However, that search may not be very helpful to you.

There is TOO MUCH information..... and you don’t need all of it. The goal of the
Memories of Italy website is to help you navigating through it, give you a starting point and help you focus on your trip....

Look at the
Memories of Italy Website as a virtual guide to the new virtual world we live in.

Here are some key sources of information, Web portals that we believe are a good start to your trip planning and are worth checking out.

These pages are not intended to be an all comprehensive collection of Italy related sites. We are sure we are missing some good ones. But, since we have not stumbled on them, we will assume they are not easily found. Our objective is to give you something to focus on.