There are several podcasts about Italy on
iTunes (links below). These can be downloaded on your MP3 player and listened to while traveling to Italy. Some of the podcasts, such as the ones from How to Tour Italy and from Italy guides, could be a good resource and save you a few dollars.

We have scoured the Web and listened to all that is available. The list below captures the ones we would recommend as a help to your travel (and they are all free):
  • First and foremost, Anthony Capozzoli's How to Tour Italy podcasts. We love Anthony’s podcasts. Not only they provide invaluable factual information, both practical as well as cultural, but they are also so very entertaining. Anthony’s love for Italy is infectious.
    As of the end of July 2009, Anthony had posted 80 podcasts. As an Italian, I find Anthony providing many real insights that every tourist should listen to. If you cannot listen to all of the podcasts, look at some of our favorites: First timer in Italy, How to save money in Italy, There is no such a thing as italian food, A gladiator and a great guide book.... outstanding. In 2009, Anthony's podcasts were voted as one of the best travel podcasts by the London Telegraph Newspaper! Unfortunately, since his last podcast of early September 2009, Anthony has not broadcasted any more episodes. All the previous podcasts are not available anymore on iTunes (at least from Canada). However, as of May 2011, they were still available as mp3 files on Talk Zone.

  • The Italyguides podcasts are audio (or video) guides to some of the key attractions in major cities (Rome, Florence, etc.)

  • Jules Travelling to Italy has info, stories and suggestions from various trips to Italy (2006-2007).

  • Amateur Traveler Podcast. This podcast features travel stories across world. Podcasts # 98 (Cinqueterre), 130 (cycling in Tuscany), 170 (Siena) and 171 (Rome) are the only four that we found to refer specifically to travel in Italy.