Up until January 2006, when I met Luigi, the closest I come to anything Italian was pizza, and even that wasn’t really Italian. My pasta was Catelli, more often than not, Kraft Dinner, but that all changed when I met (and eventually married) my real Italian. I knew we were getting serious when he brought two 3-liters can of Extra Virgin Oil to my condo. Catelli was out, De Cecco was in...period.

Luigi and I could not have much different childhoods. I was born in Southern California, the youngest of 4 siblings. I moved to Edmonton, Canada, at the age of 10 with my mother and two older brothers and Canada has been my home country since then, although, over the years, I have travelled to California many times to visit my late father. That is how my love of travel was born. However, travel outside of North America was not to be until my (new) husband Luigi planned our 5 weeks trip to Italy in May, 2008. I was in love. Not just with Luigi ... but with his homeland.

I was able to view Rome with “double vision”, my first timer eyes and those of my husband as he became reacquainted with the sights, sounds and foods of his birthplace. I was luckier than most. I had my own translator, and a knowledgeable tour guide who shared the love of his homeland with me. I know many hours were spent before and during our trip to make sure we captured the beauty of Italy for my “first timer” eyes. We hope to share this with you and help you either remembering your past trip or plan what it could well be for you “
the trip of a lifetime”.

I am a digital artist, and a freelance writer (an associate member of the British Columbia Travel Writers Association). Have a look at my digital art on my
nancyphotoart website

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