I am a retired biologist, and a videographer and photographer.

I was born in Rome, Italy, where I spent the first 26 years of my life, but now I live in Canada. Over the years, whenever I traveled to Italy, I had family and friends and never went as “a tourist”. Four years ago, I wanted to take my wife to Italy (she had never been there). I thought of using the Internet for planning. I was overwhelmed....lots and lots of information, some good...lots and lots misleading... The Memories of Italy Website was born from that experience.

My family lived just two blocks from Vatican City, while my mother grew up a few blocks from Piazza Navona (Via dell’Orso). The Rome I used to wonder around is a city still undiscovered by tourists, the city so well captured by the 1950’s Oscar winning movies “Roman Holiday” with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. I still have wonderful memories of the time. When I travel to Rome now, I am amazed to find, behind the millions and millions of camera totting tourists, the heart of the old city, still vibrant in its many layers of culture, history, traditions, and, what may appear to the visitor eyes,..... contradictions.

I left Italy in 1974 to continue my studies in Canada. In an academic/research career, life moved on. Although I frequently travelled to Italy to visit family, I was too fully engaged with my life to even stop and wonder about my homeland. That until my daughter, born in Canada, decided to get married in Italy and then I re-married and wanted to show Italy to my new bride.

I still retain my Italian culture, heritage, demeanours and ... citizenship! As children and young adults everywhere, consciously or not, we learn from our families, friends and society at large. They shape what we are now and that is where we all learn the many little things that make our life easier, safe and more enjoyable. As an Italian, throughout primary and secondary school I learned about the history and culture of my native country, from my parents I learned about proper social behaviour. I watched my mother cook and learned from her, just as she had learned from her mother. Family and friends instilled in me the love for good fresh food, how to avoid cheap imitations, and how to be safe on the street. As an Italian, I remember shaking my head while watching tourists spending large sums of money and still missing the heart of the country. Now, as a Canadian, I understand why. Our NA culture creates expectations that cannot be met by Italy or any other country since each one, each culture reflects its different history and development over the centuries.

I have been using the Internet since the very beginning, when it was mostly accessible to just academics and scientists to share manuscripts and ideas. I built my very first website in 1995, at a time when websites were few and far between, and the power of the Web had not been discovered by society at large. Since then the Web has grown to unbelievable size and is an integral part of our modern society. Just like at its infancy, the Web is still an invaluable source of information. However, with its commercialization, finding the “right” information can be sometimes difficult if not downright frustrating. Someone compared a Web search to looking for a “needle in a hay stack”. We have developed this website with the idea of facilitating your trip planning and further your enjoyment of what is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. In the process I hope to help you overcome misconceptions and stereotypes......:-))

Beside that, both Nancy and I love sailing, and fishing, so, if you ever happen to be around on beautiful Vancouver Island, don’t hesitate to connect with us.